Born on the Ranch

The Problem

The idea for the Fence Bullet was born on Goedecke’s ranch.  He began a fencing project building fence braces with used oil field pipe.  However, he didn't have a torch and welder to fit and weld the cross members. Trying to contract a field welder to do the job he found the welder was only available on weekends at $40/hour.  While waiting on the contractor, a friend agreed to fit and weld the fence braces, but due to a burn ban he was unable weld for several weeks.  Once the burn ban was lifted the majority of the braces were built.  Goedecke still had a problem as some of the brace locations were in a creek area, inaccessible to a welder.  He calculated that had he hired the Contract Welder at a $40/hour to fit and weld the eight cross members the friend did it would have cost $30 each.  Goedecke came to the conclusion that welding is a big pain, it’s expensive, inconvenient, and not always an option.

The Solution

Looking for a solution to the problem Goedecke planned to buy some pipe connectors.  However, after searching the internet and asking fence contractors, he came up empty handed.  He was bothered that no pipe connector was on the market for pipe sizes commonly used for braces.  Having seen many struggle with building welded braces he knew it was more than his problem.  Knowing the major force of fence bracing is compressive he knew welding was not necessary.   He began penciling drawings for a no weld pipe connector which evolved into the Fence Bullet.

He first installed Fence Bullets on his ranch.  With posts set, a brace member cut to length, it took him just 5 minutes,  using end wrenches to install the cross member.  Since he didn’t have to wait on a welder, he stretched fence immediately.

With Fence Bullets, he didn’t need a welder to build pipe fence braces.   Fence Bullets were less expensive, more convenient and always an option leading him to state the obvious  fact, “ No welder. No problem.”

Ronald Goedecke, Inventor of the Fence Bullet and Owner of Bullet Fence Systems LLC was raised on a dairy farm in Northeastern Oklahoma,  graduating from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Agronomy.  He retired from a 32 year career with USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service as a Soil Conservationist in 2015.  He has a small beef ranch near Morris Oklahoma.