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Planning to work on a fence?

Planning to work on a fence?


Does your old fence need an update? Are your fence braces letting you down? Then Bullet Fence has the solution for you! We offer a unique fencing system to keep your fence strong and sturdy, as well as making it easy to install. 


Planning and installation considerations.

  • Plan ahead. If you're redoing an old fence, you may not need to draw it out, but if you're trying to expand, it’s best to draw out placement for your braces. This way you’ll know how many H-braces, N-braces, or whatever else you're going to need.
  • Double check you pipe size diameter, both the post and the rail. This will ensure you can order the proper sided brace or fence kit from our store. Only one size of rail is available 2 3/8-inch OD so make sure you have the proper rail size.
  • Whether you're using existing fence posts or installing new ones, make sure they're in the ground far enough to prevent movement. Movement is the number reason for brace failure.
  • Please read all the instructions that come with our products to install your new fence correctly. Please note you have options so also check out the instructional videos.
  • Each rail pipe needs to have a clean cut. A clean saw cut will ensure that each sleeve will slide over the rail pipe without issue.
  • Our system is set up to avoid any welding in the field and risking fire. Other accessories you will need to complete the job without welding are drive on post caps and no-weld gate hangers.


For more information, check out our Fence Brace Installation Instructions along with our gallery​ where we showcase this system.