Tips to make your fence better and installation easier:

General Recommendations:

  •   Remember, the brace is the foundation of you fence. Set your posts deep and at least 8 feet apart.
  • Fence braces preform best, with 2/3 of the fence below the brace, 1/3 above.
  • To avoid using bracing wire, construct single braces as N’s. A double brace would be an HN. The second leg of the N can be short (12”) or even floating.
  •  Make sure the band ends point to the connecting post. 
  • Where multiple connections are made on the same post (corner, rail, etc.) start with the lowest connections and work up.
  • Tighten the nuts on the band so that the Bullet is centered to the post.
  • Cut pipe(s) as square as possible.
  •   Line the neck of the carriage bolt to the angle of the pipe so that the slots on the bullet will allow it to slide to the post.

Making turns or corners:

  •  Stacked on bands- Fence Bullet bands can be stacked directly on top of each other for a compact look.  When stacked and level, there will be a small space (1/8 inch) at the top of the top bullet cope and the bottom of the bottom bullet cope.
  •  Stacked on bullets- An alternative method is to stack the band(s) over the bullet.  This will provide a better fit but will not be as                vertically compact as stacking on the band.  It will also allow any fence angle  and will  interfere will the bullet below.
  • Either way is acceptable. Use the method that fits the use or your preference.

Going straight (two-piece bands):

  •  Start from one end and work up the post and then down the line.
  •  Except for the ends each post will need a two-piece band to be in line.
  •  Tighten the nuts on the band end receiving the pipe first the most, and loosen the other side. When you slide the band in place you will only have to tighten one nut and it will be on the outside. You can use a ratchet or drill to speed up the job if you choose.

Using different Bullet versions:

  • Angle bullets best fit is a 3:1 slope. 
  • Straight bullets best fit is level. 
  •  Both angle and flat bullets are adjustable and can be used interchangeably in most cases and preform the same function.   By pulling the bullet away from the post allows it to hinge, either steeper or flatter.  Do not pull the Bullet more than 3/4 way down the slot (the entire head of the carriage bolt should be within the slot of the bullet.