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Bullet Fence Systems has Been Featured!

The team at Bullet Fence Systems is excited to share that we have been featured on the Oklahoma Center for Advancement of Science and Technology website! The hard work and dedication that we’ve put into our product and the quality of service that it is able to provide is something that we take pride in, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to share our innovation with countless others. 

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Our Bullet Fence Systems were created out of necessity, but it took knowledge and creativity to truly perfect. Learn more about the cultivation of our products and what makes them so unique in the article on the Oklahoma Center for Advancement of Science and Technology. 

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The Reason Behind Our Systems

Bullet Fence Systems were designed right on Ron Goedecke’s ranch. He had just started a fencing project and was building fence braces with old field pipe. After spending quite some time trying to find a welder to help torch the pieces together, a friend had agreed to help him. Unfortunately, there was a burn ban in Oklahoma and the job couldn’t be done for several weeks. 

Once the burn ban was finally lifted, a good portion of the fence braces were built. Unfortunately, Goedecke still came across a handful of issues; some braces were in creek areas, making it impossible for a welder to get the job done. At this point Goedecke realized that welding was not only an expensive task, but it wasn’t always an option. It was then that Goedecke realized it was time to create an alternative solution.

After some time, it was clear to Goedecke that there was a common struggle associated with using pipeline for fences. Pipe connectors are nearly impossible to come by in the size that is most frequently used for building fence. Recognizing that this was a problem for more than just him, Goedecke began drawing an outline for a pipe connector that required absolutely no welding. This is the plan that evolved into the Fence Bullet. 

Once the product was designed and produced, he installed these pipe connectors on his own ranch. The posts were set and with the brace member cut to length, it took no longer than five minutes to get the rail fence cross member in place. There was no welder, no ridiculous costs, and this solution worked — it was easy. With Fence Bullets, Goedecke could finish building his fence in a fraction of the time for significantly less cost. This led Goedecke to a fact that he continues to ring true for Fence Bullet Systems: No welder, no problem.

Perks of Using Our Systems

Now that you have a better idea of where the need for Bullet Fence Systems came from, it’s time to learn more about the perks of using this system. We genuinely hope to provide all ranchers and farmers with the fencing materials they need. With that being said, some of the primary perks of using this system include:

  • Price point. As we mentioned earlier, the cost associated with welding is incredibly pricey. Whether you have a lot of fence to build or you are working on a budget, the last thing that you want is to have this additional cost on your plate. Bullet Fencing Systems keep you from having to worry about and provides a low cost option. 
  • Ease. Building a fence is not easy work, and having to weld pieces definitely doesn’t make it easier. With Bullet Fence Systems, building your fence just got a whole lot easier. 
  • Less Constrictions. Welding has always been perceived as a necessary part of building fence with pipe materials. Unfortunately, it’s not really an option when talking about creek areas. With Bullet Fence Systems, gone are the days of having to worry about the constrictions tied to your fence. 

  • There are countless reasons that Bullet Fence Systems can be beneficial for ranchers and farmers. If you have any questions regarding our systems and which would be best for you, we would be more than happy to help you. 

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    Bullet Fence Systems is proud to provide individuals in Oklahoma and surrounding areas with simple, low cost fencing products. If you haven’t already, take a second and check out this incredible article that’s been written about us, watch the video, and browse the selection of products that we have available online. Feel free to reach out to our team if there are any questions that we could take care of for you.