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Due to supply chain issues, serrated flange nuts may be zinc plated.

Rail Fence Kit - Galvanized

Post Size/Attachment Method: 2 3/8 inch 2-way band
Rail Direction: Straight
Rail Size: 2 3/8" O.D. Rail

Fence Bullet is a no weld adjustable pipe connector for rail section of fence or braces. It joins a size, you choose pipe post for available sizes. Fence Bullet is for compression fence braces or rail fence. It is adjustable with up to a 60 degrees range of motion. The two-piece band which can be selected as an attachment method with this kit is designed for installation on line posts where continuous rail between end stations is desired. It can be used to build a straight rail fence that follows the land contour.

Sold as a kit making two connections for one line post.

What’s included in a kit?

All components are hot dipped galvanized for a lifetime of service. With your supplied pipe, our kit will make a single line post for a rail fence.

Rail fence kit includes:

  1. Attachments for 1 post. Select (1) 2-way brace band pair if rail post size selected (2) wood screw if attaching to wood, or (3) metal screw (fits most posts, ideal for certain angles & alternative post sizes)
  2. 2 rail sleeves ("Fence Bullets")
  3. 2 carriage bolts
  4. 4 hex nuts
  5. 2 serrated flange nuts


Simple tools make the job so much easier.

That's why our system eliminates expensive & heavy equipment. If posts are set accurately, no cutting is necessary. A 9/16” wrench is the only tool needed to install a brace rail. If fitting the pipe later, simply cut the rail 1 ½ inches shorter than the distance between the posts. This simplicity makes our connectors a great option for remote builds.

What could be safer?

We can’t help you if you drop the pipe on your foot but we can say you won’t start a fire with a Fence Bullet pipe connector. Lung and eye health risks of welding are not an issue and people with disabilities appreciate the system since pacemakers and poor eyesight make welding a risky choice.

Before you buy: measure your pipe

The Fence Bullet kits are designed to fit the round pipe ordering options above. Please double check the outside diameter of your pipe to ensure a good fit.

Durable material

To guarantee a durable long-lasting brace, Bullet Fence Systems kit components are manufactured from high-quality steel and made exclusively in the U.S.A.

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