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N N Line Brace Kit
N N Line Brace Kit
N N Line Brace Kit

N N Line Brace Kit

Bullet Fence Systems


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Fence Bullet is an adjustable pipe connector that requires no welding, taking the hassle and time out of traditional fencing.  It joins a fencing post (of selected size) with a  brace/rail pipe. Fence Bullet fencing products are designed for compression fence braces or rail fence. Cross bracing is not necessary if an N angle brace is a part of the brace.

Double Brace Kits: Double N brace version:

This is a double brace kit and includes:

  • End Bands
  • 2-way Bands
  • Hardware and appropriate pipe sleeves for this fencing kit.
  • All fencing kits are hot-dipped galvanized for long life. 

The Double N brace version's most common application will be as a line brace where fence wire is pulled in straight lines and in opposite directions.


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  • No Welding Required
  • Bolts Together in Minutes
  • Adaptable and Strong
  • Anybody Can Do It
  • No Fire Concern
  • Goes Anywhere
  • Less Expensive