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Rail Fence Kit
Rail Fence Kit
Rail Fence Kit
Rail Fence Kit
Rail Fence Kit
Rail Fence Kit

Rail Fence Kit

Bullet Fence Systems


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Rail size is 2 3/8 inch OD for all regardless of post size.

Fence Bullet is a no weld adjustable pipe connector for rail section of fence or braces.  It joins a size, you choose pipe post with a 2 3/8 inch outside diameter pipe. Fence Bullet is for compression fence braces or rail fence. It is adjustable with up to a 60 degrees range of motion. The two-piece band  which comes with this kit is designed for installation on line posts where continuous rail between end stations is desired. It can be used to build a straight rail fence that follows the land contour.

Sold as a kit making two connections for one line post.  Each Fence Bullet kit includes one two-way band, two pipe sleeves to fit a 2 3/8 inch OD pipe, two 3/8 X 3-inch carriage bolts, four standard nuts, and two serrated flange nuts. All components are hot dipped galvanized for a lifetime of service.




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How Fence Bullet Compares to Welding and Wood

Fence Bullet is Fast and Easy

  • No Welding Required
  • Bolts Together in Minutes
  • Adaptable and Strong
  • Anybody Can Do It
  • No Fire Concern
  • Goes Anywhere
  • Less Expensive

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