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Whether your plan to build fence braces or a rail fence, we have the right Fence Bullet for you. 

Bullet Fence Systems began when our founder, Ronald Goedecke, noticed a problem when he attempted a fencing project on his ranch. There was no convenient way to attach the cross members without the help of a welder. Not only is hiring a welder expensive and inconvenient but often times it’s not even possible, due to fire bans or the location of the fence. That’s where the Fence Bullet comes in. Designed to install and repair fencing without a welder, the Fence Bullet makes building fence braces or rail fences easy. Shop through all of our fencing products below. We are now offering minimum weld products.  Top rail connectors can be slide over the top rail pipe and either be tack welded or attached with a teks screw.  Watch us as we add products to this line.  We fit and weld saving you time and money.