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Due to supply chain issues, serrated flange nuts may be zinc plated.

Adjustable Clamp-on gate hinge pair

Style: one-way band
Size: 2 3/8"
J-bolt options: No J bolts

Clamp on adjustable gate hinge pair with J bolt add on option 

No welding and no holes to drill mean a fast and easy way to hang gates on pipe. These clamp on gate hangers (one pair, upper and lower assembly) let you mount an adjustable J bolt making gate hanging a snap. 

No need is the same, select the pipe gate hinges for your particular need. Option to order with or without j bolt and chose the band type. Order with one-way bands for a clean look for before wire install or two-way bands for installs after wire. Two-way bands are two halves and are easier to install on existing fences.

Pick your post size and order with or without threaded J bolts. Will accommodate either 5/8" or 3/4" diameter J bolts.

Gate clamp is not supplied (usually comes with the gate)

What's included in a adjustable gate hinge kit?

All components are hot dipped galvanized for a lifetime of service.

One-way Kit includes:

  • 4 one-way brace bands
  • 4 carriage bolts
  • 8 hex nuts
  • 2 weld tabs

Kit also includes J bolt if J bolt option is selected

Two-way Kit includes:

  • 4 two-way brace band pairs
  • 4 carriage bolts
  • 8 hex nuts
  • 2 weld tabs

Kit also includes J bolt if J bolt option is selected

Only one hanger is show in picture, sold as pairs to hang one gate.

  1. Measure and mark locations. With the gate clamped to the female gate hangers*, measure and mark locations for post j bolts allowing ground clearance for swing of gate.
  2. Assemble brackets. Place carriage bolt end into one side of the band and through one end of the j-bolt plate. Thread on nut and tighten the plate to the band. Repeat the process for the other end of the plate. Repeat for other assembly.
  3. If two-way bands are used place the assemblies on the post to the marked height with the center hole open on the preferred swing side. Place the other halves of the band on the carriage bolts and thread nuts on the carriage bolt.
  4. If one-way bands are used slide brackets over the post to the height marked and with the center hole open to the gate direction on the preferred swing side. Thread nuts on the carriage bolt.
  5. Tightenoutside nuts to clamp the bands to the post.
  6. Install J-boltsthreading nuts on each bolt followed by a washer, insert the bolt into the plate hole, place another washer on the bolt followed by a nut. The nut should be threaded to allow some adjustment for gate leveling later. Make adjusts by threading j-bolt(s) in or out on the plate.
  7. Place gate female clamp into bottom j-bolt assembly. J-bolts should be turned up on bottom, down on top. Loosen the top clamp and lift gate. Slide up clamp into the j-bolt and tighten.
  8. Complete by securing clamps and making final adjustments to the gate swing.


*Not supplied with Bullet Fence System’s kit. Typically, provided with gate purchase.