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Bekaert Logo - partner with Bullet Fence

We’ve partnered up with Bekaert!

In 2020, we partnered with Bekaert.  They have added select Fence Bullet kits to their fencing accessory lineup. Bekaert is now marketing Fence Bullets to retailers across the nation.

We highly recommend all Bekaert products.  You will find they offer a full range of high-quality wire fencing along with other accessories to make fencing easier and better.

We have enjoyed our partnership and want to share a few things that the Bekaert team has said about the Fence Bullet Kits. Read the full article here.

  • “The Fence Bullet is very strong”. The Bekaert team performed thorough field tests on the system, which withstood pressure up to 4,000 pounds without buckling (insert link).
  • “We want to offer a solution for everyone…not everybody is going to hire a contractor or has a portable welder that you can take out in the field. The Fence Bullet just eliminates that need.”
  • “Time is money. All you have to do is take a hacksaw, Sawzall or cut-off saw and cut your pipes to length, bolt them together using a couple of wrenches, tap on the cap and you’re ready to go.”

Other helpful links

  • Bekaert installation videos for H style, N style, and HN style kits.
  • Shop Bekaert bracing Kits

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