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At Bullet Fence, we know just how difficult and time-consuming the process of setting up and building a proper pipe fence can be. That’s why we decided to create our premier product, the Fence Bullet. The benefits of these no-weld pipe fence connectors are numerous, and we touch on just about every aspect of steel pipe fencing. From line braces and corner braces to rail fences and post caps, Bullet Fence makes it a point to improve just about every aspect of fence creation. Let’s cover the many different categories of fencing products and the benefits each of Bullet Fence’s improvements bring to the table.

First up, lets discuss Bullet Fence’s line brace kits. These kits come in numerous different formats and orientations, which includes the H Brace Kit, N Brace Kit, and many different combinations of those two varieties. With the help of these different fence kits, fence installation becomes much easier and faster, and you won’t need the services of a welder.

Next, we have our corner brace kits. In many instances, corners pose a more difficult portion of fence creation than most, but thanks to the benefits of no-weld pipe fence connectors, they become a snap. Bullet Fence’s corner kits include Corner H and Corner N models, as well as combination packages featuring multiple items. These no-weld corner pieces are easy to install and adjust on the fly.

After that, we have rail fence kits. Attaching and connecting cross members is normally time-consuming, and usually requires a welder’s skillset; this means you’d have to pay one to come out and do your welding for you. Bullet Fence, thankfully, can help save you both time and money with our rail fence kits. They connect multiple sections of rail fence together without the need for any welding at all.

Post caps are the final category of items we offer. Pipe fences require caps on top of them to prevent dirt, water, and debris buildup inside the pipes. This final step usually requires a welder, but with Bullet Fence, no-weld post caps allow you to avoid that particular middleman. This saves you both money and time. These are just a few of the many benefits of no-weld pipe fence connectors.