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Frequently asked questions

Fence Bullet is ideally suited for compression fence braces.  Each rail pipe is pinned between the 3/8-inch carriage bolts.  Bolts and or 11-gauge bands would have to shear or collapse for a failure to occur.  It is estimated to fail at 10,000 pounds of compressive force which far exceeds any fence wire manufactures recommendations for wire tensions.  Over 50,000 pairs of Fence Bullets have been sold with no reported failures.  Oklahoma State University is using Fence Bullet on some farms along with USDA/NRCS and other governmental agencies in states across the US.

We can help make sure you get what you need for the job, from answering simple questions to providing design services. In most cases, a simple layout sketch with dimension is all that is needed to assist you. We’ve recently added this fencing calculatorto assist with estimated amounts and costs. E-mail your design and fencing estimate and we will figure the amount and the types of Fence Bullets needed.

We ship through the least expensive method which is normally the US Postal Service. It is also common to ship UPS ground in a 200-mile radius. We also make shipments for less than truckload orders. If you have special shipping needs, we will try to accommodate you. You will bear the additional costs that exceed the least expensive method.

Please go to the Store Locator to see local dealers. A call to the store might also be in order as store quantities and sizes may be limited. Purchasing direct from our online store is always an option regardless of where you live in the US lower 48.

Although Fence Bullet was developed for pipe fence bracing and rail fence, they have also been used in other applications such as railing for utility protection. We provide a simple word of caution that Fence Bullets should not be used in tension applications to avoid the connection being pulled apart. Bullet Fence Systems bears no responsibility for connectors used in non-fence applications.

Generally speaking, for agricultural fences, the answer is no. We typically find that our customers are able to find pipe locally and in the case of used oil pipe, fairly inexpensive, without having to mess with the cost and hassle of shipping.

However, if you have a project using galvanized or back painted pipe such as our Estate fence, we would be glad to quote a complete system of both black Fence Bullets and a specific tube. Simply complete the fencing calculator. The final page of the form provides a high-level estimate as well as our contact information. If interested, contact us and we’ll use the estimate tool as a general starting point to discuss next steps for your project. 

Brace and Fence kit considerations

One-way bands

Use on ends of braces or rail fencing. One-way bands can also be used on line posts where turns need to be made.

Can be stacked and will have an offset horizontal appearance which may or may not be critical.

Two-way bands

Use on straight sections of rail fenceUse on existing fence posts to add a brace or be stacked to give a 4-way brace post

You have a choice on a double brace. You can stack a one-way band or use a two-way band if going straight. If horizontal appearance is critical, use a two-way band (180 degree, straight only) or the drill and pin method (90 to 270 degree) can be used.

Gate hinge considerations

We suggest using 2-way brace bands on posts where cross braces and wire have been installed. Since the 2-way brace bands tighten together to form the compression, these brace bands do not need to be slid on from the top down and are generally easier to install and adjust. They also have more clamping force.

If you prefer a slimmer look and the post allows you to slide the band on, 1-way bands also work great.  If you can’t slide them on, bending the band open and bending the band shut again is the only way to install these bands which is not easy and may fatigue the metal bands. 

No. Our components are sold together as kits to maintain the integrity of the system that has been proven to work. However, if you need extra hardware items such as bands, carriage bolts or nuts, we have those separately available under hardware.

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