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How Strong is Fence Bullet?

Fence Bullet is ideally suited for compression fence braces.  Each rail pipe is pinned between the 3/8-inch carriage bolts.  Bolts and or 11-gauge bands would have to sheer or collapse for a failure to occur and is estimated to be around 10,000 pounds of compressive force.  Over 10,000 pairs of Fence Bullets have been sold with no reported failures.  Oklahoma State University is using Fence Bullet on its farms along with USDA, NRCS in some states.

Do you provide design services?

We can help make sure you get what you need for the job, from answering simple questions to providing design services. In most cases, a simple layout sketch with dimension is all that is needed to assist you. E-mail your designs and we will figure the amount and the types of Fence Bullets needed.

What are the shipping options?

We ship through the least expensive method which is normally the Postal Service. It is also common to ship UPS ground in a 200-mile radius. We also make shipments for less than truckload orders. If you have special shipping needs, we will try to accommodate you. You will bear the additional costs that exceed the least expensive method.

Is Fence Bullet available locally?

Please go to the Store Locator page to see local dealers. A call to the store might also be in order as store quantities and sizes may be limited. Shipping is always an option regardless of where you live in the US lower 48.

Can Fence Bullet be used in other applications than shown on the website?

Although Fence Bullet was developed for pipe fencing, they have been used in other applications such as railing for utility protection. We provide a simple word of caution that Fence Bullets should not be used in tension applications to avoid the connection being pulled apart.