“I was able to put one of the samples you gave to us to use this weekend. I had a rotted out brace down by my entrance. My little wire welder will not weld this pipe. I was going to have to get my neighbor to bring his welder over, but I decided to try the bullet. NO PROBLEM! Even cutting the old pipe off, it took me about 20 minutes."

-- Bryan Tontitown Arkansas

"It works great!! Quick and easy to install."

-- Douglas Anderson, Anderson, MO

“This system saved me a ton of time and was so easy to use. I painted these after install and you don’t really see the bullets vs welded."

-- Andy

“The system worked very very well. Went up quick and provided a very strong gate."

-- Kevin

"I have used them a lot. They work well for not having a welder. I will get some more for another project." - Pam

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