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Benefits of a Fence Made With Steel Pipe

When building a fence for your ranch or farm, you want to know that it’s going to be durable. Steel pipe has replaced wood as the go to material for fence brace construction. Fire resistance, strength and longer life are big advantages over wood. Cost is about the same and with poor quality wood and sub-par wood treatment, wood is slipping away as the leader in fence bracing. Fence Bullet was designed to make the process of building pipe fencing faster and easier, but also much more affordable than welding.  With Fence Bullet connectors you have the advantages of steel without the intensive skilled labor, fire danger, equipment cost and difficulty of welding. So, if you’ve been on the fence with whether or not you should take advantage of pipe fencing, keep reading. In today’s blog post, we are going to go over a few of the benefits tied to steel pipe fencing. 

High Strength and Easier Install

Pound for pound pipe beats wood every-time in strength.  Due to being less bulky you can haul, handle and set more pipe faster and easier with steel. Also with the advent of hydraulic drivers, steel posts can be driven without having to dig, pour concrete and wait.  Even if you don't have a driver,  he hole size for steel can be smaller than wood so time and energy is saved with either method! Just another good reason to choose steel pipe.

Lower Maintenance

When you think of fencing, is low maintenance even something you thought possible? Well, if you didn’t think it could happen, it’s definitely time to look into steel pipe fencing. Pipe fencing is one of the most low maintenance materials available for fencing, which is also why so many people love it. The material itself can endure the various elements that mother nature throws our way. Fire is not problem and it's much more resistant to weather than than wood fencing. When you factor all of this together, it’s no surprise just how little maintenance pipe fencing requires. 

Recycled Materials

There’s no doubt about it, steel pipe is cost competitive with wood. Most steel pipe is made using recycled steel so whether you recycle oil field pipe or use new pipe you can feel good about being a good steward of the land.

Aside from cost, using pipe materials mean that you are not contributing to deforestation and related environmental issues such as soil erosion — another thing that many of us worry about. 

High Durability 

Though a majority of pipe fencing materials are going to be recycled don’t let that statement make you think you are giving anything up. Steel is the most durable material to use for your fence. The durability factor of pipe materials is often the selling point of a pipe fence in the first place. When you have something that is able to withstand the various elements that we have, be it here in Oklahoma or elsewhere in the country, you can’t help but be interested. 

The best thing about pipe fencing is that you aren’t in a crossroads of cost and durability — with steel material you get both. For many that are looking to build a fence, this crossroad has likely been encountered more than once, and having to determine which is more important — price or quality — all too many settle on price. If you’re tired of dedicating time to fixing fence in your downtime, but you still want to have cost at the forefront of your decision, pipe fencing is the answer.

Factor in Bullet Fence Systems

There are countless benefits to utilizing steel pipe for fencing around your farm or ranch. Though that is true, and you can see it in the points that we’ve listed above, pipe fencing can be expensive. One of the most costly parts of pipe fencing is the welder that you need to get to build and fence or brace. It was this that led the owner of Bullet Fence Systems, Ron Goedecke, to create Bullet Fence Systems. 

These systems take the welder out of the picture. Be it because you’re trying to save money or you’re building a fence in a remote creek area were welding isn’t an option or building fence during burn bans.  When that becomes the case, it’s always nice to know can still get the job done.  More importantly, Bullet Fence Systems work! In a fraction of the time, for just a portion of the cost, you can have a fence that works just as well as a welded pipe fence would. 

Bullet Fence Systems is an effective and affordable option when building pipe fence. Take a minute and browse the various systems that we’ve created. Reach out to our team if you have any questions as to which system would work best for you and we would be more than happy to help. 

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