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Fencing options during burn bans and excessively hot days

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How to not sweat it or start a fire and complete your fencing project on time

With temperatures soaring well past 100 degrees and with burn bans growing by the day it’s time to take a deep dive into the challenges and advantages of different pipe fence brace and fence construction methods. As I write now, Texas has 213 of 254 total countries under a burn ban! For welders building fences this is not good news.  First of all there is increased liability during burn bans. Secondly, there is lowered production due to increased fire precautions needed. Thirdly, there are personal health considerations such as heat exhaustion and peace of mind. Below are some of the obstacles you will face welding if you are in a burn ban this summer.

Common Welding Guidelines (if  allowed during a burn ban)

  1. Follow local law - Each state, county and city may have different protocols welding in a burn ban. Be sure to follow your local law prior to any welding work. The following are general guidelines and you should refer to your county law for a full set of guidelines that apply specifically to you. Not following guidelines increases your liability and will normally result in a fine or jail time.
  2. Pay attention to the wind– Wait to weld on a day when the wind is less than 15 MPH.
  3. Use a spotter–many times it is a requirement to have a designated person to extinguish fire with pressurized water immediately.  
  4. Clear area– take extra precautions in clearing any loose brush near the site and wet area prior to welding. We suggest having at least 25 feet cleared and wet in all directions.
  5. Keep extra water available– some guidelines require an amount of water to be online for fire control.
  6. Welding blanket- sometimes an additional requirement.

If following these guidelines sounds like a lot of  extra work and wearing hot protective gear in this heat sounds like the last thing you want to do, we don’t blame you.

Another option would be to either switch materials to wood or use a no-weld pipe fence connector such as Fence Bullet. Wood could make sense in some areas but one of the disadvantages of wood is the possibility of destruction by fire. Without abandoning the advantages of steel, another option is no weld pipe connectors.   Our patented product, the Fence Bullet, actually was born on the family ranch during a burn ban when welding could not be done.

Fence Bullet was created especially for times like these and allows anyone from a fence contractor to the guy with just a few acres to build a pipe fence easily during this hot dry weather safely and simply.

Benefits of Bullet Fence Systems No-Weld Pipe Connectors

  1. Foundational strength – The Fence Bullet pipe connectors have been tested by Bekaert and thousands of customers to withstand recommended wire tensions. A stellar proven record of getting the job done.
  2. No fire danger – No heavy equipment, no protective gear, no strict guidelines, and no worries about starting a fire. Eliminate the concern for fires and complete your project any time and on time.
  3. Affordable andflexible – Our brace kits cost less than half of what you would expect to pay a welder.  They pay for themselve in efficiencies that you will notice immediately.  You buy the pipe and we have the kits.  We offer kits in different sizes for you needs form 2 ⅜ inch OD to 4 ½ round pipe. Meaning, you can build it like you want when you want.
  4. Fast & easy install  -kits install quickly with no specialized skill or equipment needed.  

So there are the options for these times.  You pick the best method for you.

I will leave you with two parting recommendations for building fences in hot weather.

Stay hydrated.  It seems obvious but with excessive heat warnings, dehydration can happen quickly and that’s just if you are outside. If you are welding, protective clothing, helmets, and gloves can easily amplify that heat. Be sure to drink up!!

Take cooling breaks, find a shade tree or knock off early if needed.

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